Flexi Brush

Gliding through your curls calm warrior style

The Yes Flexi Brush leaves no knot untangled. 

Applying product on wet hair, its broad cushioned base of flexible bristles pave the way for deephydration and coversconditionerover every curl. 

Then use for styling and defining by sealing in product and sculpting consistent curl clumps. 

Get the comfortable-to-use tool that makes the most out of your products reaching your full glossy potential. 

Curl coach says:

Remember your Yes Flexi Brush in the shower to maximise your hydration and conditioning stages.

You’re all geared up. Now get training with your Yes Curl Coach

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Nicola O'Regan
Brush it to perfection

This flexible brush is great for working your products through wet or damp hair to ensure that every strand is completely covered from the hair roots to their ends.

Debbie C.
Everyone shoud own this brush!

Such a great hairbrush. I have one in the shower and one for my styling. It detangles beautifully without pulling and feels great on your scalp. Also works wonders on grandchildren's hair.

Tegan G.
Gentle and effective.

Gentle and effective.

Khalah J.
Yes hair brush

This brush is honestly the best! The best purchase ever for my hair. The Flexi brush is exactly what I have been looking for, it glides through my hair so easily and smooth, no more knots or excessive time to brush my hair. Highly recommend yes hairbrush to everyone, it’s an essential!! A must have!!

Rita S.
Yes Flexi Brush

Love my Flexi brush so much that I bought one for my niece

This is so cool! the flexi-brush really is a winner, especially with the kids.
Thankyou for taking your time to leave us a review Rita!