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The Thirsty Styler Kit

Kit #3 

Yahoo!!!! You’re a kit #3 kind of human!

AKA the Thirsty Styler Kit! 

Included in this kit is:

Nourish & Flourish Shampoo
Drench & Quench Moisture Mask
Cruise Control Curl Cream
Oomph Volumising Lotion
POW Strong Hold Gel

    Take the #OneWashChallenge today!

      Wash day starts with Nourish and Flourish Shampoo to cleanse and restore shine. 

      Then it's a choose-your-own adventure: 

      Hydrate with Nourish & Flourish Conditioner or your Drench & Quench Moisture Mask (or both, if you're thirsty!). 

      Control your Curls with Cruise Control Curl Cream. 

      Volume-up with either Oomph Volumising Lotion or POW Strong Hold Gel. 

      Smooth and polish with Chutzpah Volumising Foam or do cool, calm and collected curls with Hush Hair Oil. 

      Curl Coach will show you how! Curl Coach says:

      - Set your curl team to work
      - Follow their lead; they’ve got the directions.
      - You’ve got the goods, baby! Now get training with your Yes Curl Coach

       Amazing Ingredients

      Hydrolyzed soy protein

      A water soluble protein derived from soy that will strengthen hair & mend hair fibres. 

      View Ingredients

      Aloe vera leaf juice

      Aloe promotes hair growth and adds strength and luster to your strands while retaining moisture.

      View Ingredients

      Lemon peel oil

      This oil will leave the hair looking healthy and shiny while naturally restoring the pH balance in the scalp.

      View Ingredients

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      Answers To Your
      Frequently Asked Question

      • How often should I wash my hair?

        Your curls and your natural oils are best friends. Hair gets frizzy and upset without its natural oils around. So, they need time together (no less than two days for a real connection). Curls after the gym or a swim may need a wash, but the priority is keeping your hair happy and connected with its natural oil friend.

      • How can I get rid of frizz and get more definition?

        Frizz screams of thirsty hair. Focus on the hydration step on your next wash day (like grabbing your drink mid-workout). Then, add deep conditioning for further tlc. Getting defined curls is also about how you use your products. Always move your product from your roots all the way to your ends. Then, once your curls are set and dry, don’t play with them or you’ll lose your clumps (and won’t get a biscuit!) Go to the Yes Curl Coach for further how-to’s.

      • Can curlies use a brush?

        It’s all about when, where, and what. When dry brushing, you’ll get fluffy, frizzy hair that is untameable. I know you’re not after the finger-in-power-socket look, so don’t do that. In the shower, at the hydration and conditioning step, we swear by a brush to help distribute the product through and into your curls. What you don’t want is hard-bristled brushes anywhere near your curls. Your hair is elastic but dragged on, it will only stretch so far before it breaks. Use the Yes Hair Brush that moves with your curls, slow dance style.

      • How often should I do a deep condition/moisture treatment?

        Having consulted with thousands of curlies, no two heads of curls are the same, but I recommend every 2-4 weeks. Weigh up your hair history and its damage/colour/keratin etc. and how often you wash it. You’ll know when your hair is getting thirsty, so add a treatment in-between if needed. Our Drench and Quench Moisture Mask is your gal for this.

      • Once I had curly hair, now it's just fluffy. Aah! Can I get my curls back?

        Yes! Right now, the core of your hair is dry and neglected. Go in deep with your hydration and repair team and get those curls back up and bouncing. Then nurture the relationship; the more you “do curls” (scrunching up when styling), with each wash more and more curls will return, running into your arms.

      • Why don’t my curls seem to get any longer?

        Tighter curls grow in a full circle before continuing downwards. You could say they take the long way to destination Length. Be patient it will happen, all curls and waves grow length. Take a picture to compare your curls from last season and see growth sped up nature show style.

      • What are Gifts-to-Go?

        OSFA Gift Cards really are the best gift you can give! Why? We are a ONE SIZE FITS ALL brand! It doesn’t matter how curly/wavy/frizzy your hair is, If there is hair on your head, a gift-to-go will be more useful than a wedge of lime in a G and T! (maybe it’s a tie actually)

        Where can you use it? You can’t use it at Aldi, or at Bunnings, but you can shop anytime night or day online at yeshair.com.au/shop

        What will my lucky friend see? When you finish your shopping trip of a lifetime, you will be sent your gift-to-go OSFA voucher. Then you can forward it on to your special someone to make their day magic!

        How long till I receive it? Quicker than you can say ‘Bob’s your uncle.’ you will hear your email DING and voila! INSTANT!

        Can you get a refund on a Gift-to-Go voucher? Sadly the answer here is no! But if for some strange reason you have an issues with products purchased with your voucher, please read through our Returns and Refunds policy to help you in that!

        What is the expiry date on a Gift-to-Go voucher? You have a whole 3 laps of the sun (36 months from date of purchase) to use up what’s in your cupboard and then remember you have that voucher you forgot to use!

        How do I redeem my Gift-to-Go voucher? When you have filled your shopping cart like usual, you then can choose to pay with your voucher, or credit card or both if you’ve stocked the cart full! You don’t have to have the exact amount of your cart total on your gift card!

      "Well, I always wanted to have as curly hair as I could possibly get, and I looked...went to heaps of haridressers. I actually was really happy ot have hairdressers do my hair all the time every week. It was very hard to find anyone that can do anything with curly hair, but I was reasonably happy with the people I've been going to for a few years." -Nerolie

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