Drench & Quench Moisture Mask 1L

The most hydration curls could ever want. 

Get whole curl health from the inside with Shea butter and coconut oils protecting from breakage and guar gum and jojoba extract creating softness and elasticity. Nurse coarse, dry curls back to whole health on the daily with no nasty build-up.

Curl Coach says:

“The secret to success is sweet hydration”

Have Yes Flexi Brush at hand 

  1. Get hair wet
  2. Scoop out a 20-50c size circle into your palm
  3. Rub together in both hands for 10 seconds
  4. Apply at your ends first and then work upwards with your Yes Flexi Brush for a good 3 minutes. Focus on the driest areas
  5. Clip up your hair and leave for up to 30 mins
  6. When you're ready, rinse off in cooler water focusing on the roots
  7. Leave-in on the ends if desired

You’ve got the goods baby! Now get training with your Yes Curl Coach