Curly Hair Accessories Kit

Don't need any product ATM? A Curly Girl can never have too many accessories... right?

Here is the ALL the Frills to help your Curly Hair be the talk of your next Brunch!

So what do you get?

- Yes Hair Flexi Brush

Gliding through your curls calm warrior style

The Yes Flexi Brush leaves no knot untangled. Get the comfortable-to-use tool that makes the most out of your products reaching your full glossy potential. 

- Yes Hair Glove

Ditch the towel for the insane technology in the Yes glove. 

We got a bit science-y here and combined fabric technology with the incredible double sided design to bring you the first curl Active wear. 

- Yes Hair Cozy

Like a pod for your curls 

It’s a lightweight cotton, stretchy tube shielding your curls against shower steam and continuous rubbing on your pillow while you sleep.


“Accessories are what makes or marks a woman.”

Coco Chanel

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Love the hair clips

Love the hair clips, the glove and the brush is amazing, not so much the hair cozy. I tried all the tips and it just won't stay on.

Tracy F.

New to my wavy hair and this set, combined with great customer service and curl tutorials, have made a huge difference in my results.

Thankyou so much for the lovely review Tracy!
We are so glad you are enjoying your curly hair.

Dianne A.

I have never used a brush in the shower before and was so amazed by it. The conditioner was dispersed evenly all over and my hair had never felt so soft. The glove is great for micro plopping and gives me much better waves.

So good to hear that the glove is being used in your curly girl method routine.

Katrina C.
Love it, my hair was

Love it, my hair was soft, bouncy and tangle free

Leaona P.
Love love LOVE IT!!

The flex brush is my favourite thing, I had no idea how to get the most out of my curls. The tutorials, the OG kit, the brush, the mit and snug all helped transform my frizz into beautiful curls.
I feel so different about my hair now I know I have curly hair.