Hear from our Curl Fans

“It’s almost embarrassing to say… I’m 60 years old, and for the first time in my life I love my hair

“My hair was high maintenance. Every day I would wash it, I would dry it. I would then, within a half an hour, it would look like I hadn’t done it. Frizz was huge. And, it was very hard to keep it in a style and very dry. Very dry and brittle particularly. And so, frizz was a big problem.”

What is the difference for you now?

“It’s striking. The difference is striking on a lot of levels. The way that it looks is completely different to how it looked. Now, I love it. I just think this is how my hair is meant to be. You know. It’s meant to be soft curls. It’s not meant to be dry, frizzy, horrible hair. It’s made a big difference to everything that I do, because I don’t have to think about my hair anymore. I think about it maybe once a week or so, do my hair. That’s it. You know, people talk about lazy hair days. Every day is a lazy hair day for me.”

Fresh curly, Jaiya, shares her story after taking the #OneWashChallenge

“Never in my life has my hair been so hydrated, defined, curly, crazy, but manageable. Yes Hair has definitely helped me learn more about how to take care of my curls, what they need, what they want, and just how to get the best out of them. And thank you, thank you, thank you, because I tell all of my friends and they all love it. So, it’s worked for them, it’s worked for me. It’ll definitely work for you.”

Young at heart curly, Nerolie, shares her story after taking the #OneWashChallenge

Well, I always wanted to have as curly hair as I could possibly get, and I looked…went to heaps of hairdressers. I actually was really happy to have hairdressers do my hair all the time every week. It was very hard to find anyone that can do anything with curly hair, but I was reasonably happy with the people I’ve been going to for a few years.

But basically, at best, the curls were good on the day but within two or three days, were really bad and then I’d have to put lots of product in, and it often wouldn’t work.

What is the difference for you now?

Well, my hair stays curly between visits, and I’ve just come here, and it’s been two weeks, and I walked in, and my hair was really curly. Well, it looks extra curly now, but it stayed amazingly curly the whole time. I don’t put any product in it. I just run my fingers through it for maybe 30 seconds…

Fresh curly, Jemillah, shares her story after taking the #OneWashChallenge

“Yes Hair products have been revolutionary on my hair. Before, my hair was really dry and crispy and frizzy, and I just had so much trouble getting volume and definition every day. Now, with the use of these products, I can maintain these gorgeous curls with high volume, high hydration, high definition, every day, even when it’s humid.”

Now, the power is in your hands to have beautiful curls all the time.