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May 31, 2021 1 min read

In a small coastal town in the beautiful Shoalhaven region, two hours out of Sydney, Yes Hair was founded.

It’s the town where I was born and raised. It’s where I live and raise my family and run my salon, Maiden Hair. My customers there are such a source of joy, connection (and hilarity), and provide daily reminders of my true north as I build Yes Hair, Australia.

One of those customers is Cath. A woman who sees simplicity and beauty wherever she goes. As long as she has a craft project on the go and a nice cup of tea and a sweet treat, she’s content. She works at the Flagstaff Group, an amazing local organisation providing meaningful employment opportunities to over 275 people with disabilities in the region.


Cath wears many different hats at Flagstaff from ironing, washing and labeling candy bars. She’s also a sewing extraordinaire who takes such pride in her work, telling me all about how many bags she has sewn and the projects she’s working on.

So when it came to designing and manufacturing the Yes Glove, Flagstaff and Cath seemed a perfect fit (wink)! Together, we set to work on the Yes Glove using amazing fabric technology by Aquis with Cath as seamstress.


Seeing the Yes Hair values of connection and community become a living, breathing reality positively impacting local families right in my hometown is a dream come true.

So you can smile when scrunching your curls and using your Yes Glove, knowing that a kind-hearted woman in Nowra made it for you.

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